Homer Council on the Arts envisions a future in which our community maintains its identity as one of Alaska's art centers.

HCOA supports a diverse mix of artistic expression,
ensuring that art remains the core of the Homer experience.


Recognized by the Governor as “the backbone of Homer’s energetic arts community”, Homer Council on the Arts, HCOA, serves the lower Kenai Peninsula offering a menu of dynamic and innovative arts programs. Named the official local arts agency by the Alaska State Council on the Arts we align with our diverse and ever-changing community needs.


The historical roots of HCOA reaches back to 1958 when advocates began to bring performing artists to rural Alaska. In 1975, loosely formed Homer area arts groups joined together to establish a formal organization to meet increasing programmatic needs. Incorporated in 1975, and achieving nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c) (3) status in 1982,
HCOA began working toward the creation of a cultural arts facility in Homer. 


HCOA is honored to continue to present performing arts with local and international talent, and provide place for deep exploration of the creative process. Join us as we engage and explore the intersection of arts and culture. 


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Board of Directors

Kiki Abrahamson, President

After retiring from the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Kiki is crazy busy traveling, working with her horses, and still finding time to work with kids in the schools. Art has always been a wonderful avenue to reach children and teach them self reliance, creativity, and collaboration. A forty year resident of the peninsula, she is committed to nurturing a creative, compassionate community.

Lisa Rayl, Vice President

Lisa was born and raised in Tipton Indiana, just north of Indianapolis. Her family roots go back as far as the 1850’s, yet her ancestral lineage comes from a 9th generation descendent of Pocahontas. History and understanding of the creative culture were always a focus as her father was an artist and her grandparents owned a local antique store. Creativity within nature’s form has developed an ongoing appreciation of how beauty and creativity enhance everyday life. Her creative pursuits are currently in guitar, oil painting, and photography. Over the years, Lisa has had a long and varied career in the medical field. She now serves this community though SPH. She has also participated in many humanitarian causes and efforts including but not limited to Habitat for Humanity. Lisa is the mother of five. Due to the death her youngest son at a very early age, Lisa has continued to help other families who are dealing with pediatric health challenges and or the loss of a child. Her children are all a shining example of productive, strong, expressive and artistic adults. She is Nana to 3 wonderfully spirited Alaskan Grand daughters.


Susan Johnson, Treasurer

After many yearly visits, Susan finally moved to Alaska in 2014. A strong desire to remain involved in the creative world brought her here to Homer. Originally from the East Coast, Susan attended the Art Institute of Boston, then spent the next 25 years doing traditional photographic printing for professional photographers. After a career change to become an X-ray technician, and with photos changing over to digital, Susan learned how to print for herself, and continues to create. She has had 2 shows at the Homer Library and 2 shows at HCOA as well as participating in the Nutcracker Faire as an artist.

Susan was an officer on the Board of Directors of a non profit in Cambridge, MA for 10 years that went on to build The Maud Morgan Art Center. This inspired her to keep being involved. She is currently the Treasurer at HCOA and is very excited and encouraged by the possibilities that the expansion project will bring to the community. Susan also serves as an officer on the Board of Directors for the Bunnell Art Center, and was recently elected President. When not volunteering, Susan works in the Imaging Department at South Peninsula Hospital.


Melanie Dufour, Secretary

Melanie has lived in Homer since 1993 and has experienced first-hand and so appreciates what the Homer Council on the Arts can do for each of us and our community at large. She sees opportunities for increased partnerships with Homer’s small businesses and non-profit organizations: promoting the value of the arts and membership to both current and potential members and working to increase participation in HCOA activities and support of programs.




* If you live on the Kenai Peninsula and have a bellybutton, there's no reason not to become a member of HCOA!
* Business members get shoutouts on Facebook.
* Members who purchase at least two member-price tickets in a year pay for their membership with savings.
* Membership doesn't expire in December; it runs one year from the date you sign up!
* New members receive super-cool stickers.
* If you lose your membership card, don't worry-we will remind you when it's time to renew.
* Renting the gallery space? Members get special treatment.
* Nutcracker Faire vendors who purchase a membership with a booth still pay less than non-members.
* Members happen to be our favorite people!
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