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February 2019: 9 Women/9 Quilts

A collection of themed quilts made by nine of Homer’s Kachemak Bay Quilters group will be featured at Homer Council on the Arts in February. The nine quilts each have nine rows, with one row added by each of the quilters in turn over an 18-month period. Each quilt has a different theme, and as the quilts rotated every two months to another of the nine quilters, they designed their section in the theme of the quilt’s owner. For instance, Jane Regan’s quilt, called My Mother’s Trunk, features fabrics that were left to Jane by her mother, who was also a quilter. Jane created the first 48” X 10” row, and then passed her quilt — and the box of her mother’s fabrics — on to Janet Bacher, who designed and added a row using these fabrics before passing the quilt on to Ruby Nofziger.

"This project arose out of an observation at our weekly quilting meeting,” said Patrice Krant, who had noticed that she knew some of the quilters’ styles so well that she could identify a quilt they’d made without being told they made it. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quilt with a piece made by each of my quilting friends,” she said that day. The result: a “round robin” project involving nine quilters, nine different themes, and nine stunning one-of-a-kind quilts.

The participating quilters and their themes are: Patrice Krant (Life By The Sea), Jane Regan (My Mother’s Trunk), Janet Bacher (Bright Batiks), Ruby Nofziger (On A Bookshelf), Shirley Svoboda (Purple & Turquoise), Elaine Plante (Bright Colors/Batiks OK), Linda Wagner (Bears & Flowers), Karol Miller (Down on the Farm), and Donna Hinkle (Log Cabin Christmas)