History demonstrates that culture instigates change. We see our role as that of collaborator and consensus builder, partnering with other organizations to ensure that visual, performing, and literary arts flourish and remain accessible to all in our community.



Something is always happening here at HCOA! We host pop-up events for our community when they emerge. Gathering together to share thoughts, ideas, creativity, joy, inspiration are at the heart of what we value and support. Check here for details about how to get involved!

You're Invited! HCOA's annual meeting, Friday, January 27th at 6:00 PM will include the Gaye Wolfe portrait auction kick-off (proceeds to support the expansion project), presentation of our annual arts awards, and a glimpse of our accomplishments and future plans. We look forward to seeing you!





  • Artist of the Year - Dana Stabenow
  • Arts Leadership / Advocacy - Homer Ocean Charters
  • Arts Lifetime Achievement - Annette Bellamy
  • Arts Education - Lisa Shallock
  • Business Arts Patron - Harbor School of Music
  • Youth Artist of the Year - Chloe Pleznac
  • Volunteer of the Year - Lynn Spence


Past Award Recipients

2016 Winners

  • Artist of the Year – Jim Reardon
  • Arts Leadership / Advocacy – Ed Hutchinson
  • Arts Lifetime Achievement – Eva Saulitis
  • Arts Education – Rosanna Moyer
  • Business Arts Patron – Two Sisters
  • Youth Artist of the Year – Felicity Jones
  • Volunteer of the Year – Mike Pate & Hal Spence


  • Arts Leadership/Advocacy – Homer Arts and Culture Alliance (Bunnell Street Arts Center, Homer Council on the Arts, Kachemak Bay Campus/Kenai Peninsula College, Pier One Theatre, Pratt Museum)
  • Youth Artist of the Year – Lindsey Schneider
  • Artist of the Year – Sally Oberstein
  • Arts Lifetime Achievement – John Bushell
  • Business Arts Patron – Homer Physical Therapy
  • Arts Education – Lisa and Kirk Olsen
  • Volunteer of the Year – Mary Langham


  • Arts Leadership/Advocacy – Peter Swanson
  • Youth Artist of the Year – Patrick Latimer
  • Artist of the Year – Tom Kizzia
  • Arts Lifetime Achievement – Toby Tyler
  • Business Arts Patron – Quiet Place Lodge
  • Arts Education – Cody Davidson
  • Volunteer of the Year – Tim Quinn


  • Arts Leadership/Advocacy – Bunnell Street Arts Center
  • Youth Artist of the Year – Drew Turner
  • Artist of the Year – Marian Beck
  • Arts Lifetime Achievement – Gaye Wolfe
  • Business Arts Patron – Era Alaska
  • Arts Education – Carol Swartz
  • Volunteer of the Year – Rachel Bilbo


  • Arts Leadership/Advocacy – Ken Castner
  • Youth Artist of the Year – Mariah Stuart
  • Artist of the Year – Mavis Muller
  • Arts Lifetime Achievement – Paula Dickey
  • Business Arts Patron – Wells Fargo Insurance
  • Arts Education – Carol Comfort


  • Arts Leadership/Advocacy – Pratt Museum
  • Youth Artist of the Year – Rufaro
  • Artist of the Year – Ron Senungetuk
  • Arts Lifetime Achievement – Diane Tillion
  • Business Arts Patron – Homer Bookstore
  • Arts Education – Cherish McCallum


A complete listing of past arts awards recipients is on the wall in the HCOA Gallery.