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Art a la Carte with Lynn Naden

Open to grades 3-6, this class series is structured to impart a deep understanding of the history of different art genres, develop technical skills, and practice critical evaluation of students' own and each other’s work. 

Renowned local teaching artist Lynn Naden is curriculum designer and lead teacher.

$100 a month for HCOA members, and $120 a month for general public.
Scholarships are available, simply call Peggy at 235-4288, or email

Students are expected to be present at all class dates unless arrangements are made ahead of time with Lynn.

All classes will take place in the West Homer Elementary art room on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 2:45-4:30pm.

The schedule is as follows: Students will arrive after school has been released and be given approximately 15 minutes to go outside for some fresh air and a snack before officially beginning the lesson. Each class will start with a "sharing circle" to talk about expectations for the day, what activities they will be working on, and a bit of history about the art form. Students will spend the next 30 minutes or so working on tasks as assigned. After that time, the instructor will interrupt and students and lead a brief movement activity to get them up and out of their seats prior to returning to focused work on their project for the day. Students will get the opportunity to debrief and give feedback about each other’s work each day’s conclusion.

Print Application Here.