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Jubilee: A Brand New Day Auditions

Join us in taking Jubilee into a new era! Students will audition in January and begin a two-month journey with the guidance of our amazing team.

All participants are encouraged to bring in their own pieces as we design the production. Our theme focuses on imagination and the power of youth in the arts.

Auditions are open to ages 11 - 18 (younger performers are welcome to audition and will be accepted on a case by case basis). Please come to auditions prepared to shine! 


“Brand New Day”

A Celebration of Youth in the Arts


  • Ages: 11-18 (younger performers will be considered on a case by case basis)




Singers come prepared to perform. Please select one song from the list provided below. All music and lyrics must be off-book (memorized). In addition, vocalists may be asked to demonstrate range and/or sight reading abilities.


Musical Theatre Genre


Classical Genre


*The materials listed above are available on the HCOA website.




Please select and prepare two short pieces. Be sure to select music that highlights your strengths and abilities.

All instruments are welcome. We encourage you to share your talents with us.




Please memorize and perform one of the selections listed below:


Those auditioning in this category may also be asked to read additional materials at the time of their audition.

*The materials listed above are available on the HCOA website.





Come prepared to move. Wear appropriate dance attire and shoes. The choreography and movement director will be teaching a routine during auditions. If you are interested in participating as a dancer or mover, please complete this interest form.

Dancers, please note, if you have a group presentation we will be looking at those once we have completed auditions. We are looking to see your individual skills. Our choreography and movement director will be creating some original pieces for our production that we are looking to place dancers into.




Scenic Design

Costume Design

Stage Management

Assistant Director

Lighting Design

Graphic Design


If you are interested in a mentorships and other opportunities please share your interest at


If you have experience or are just interested in creating something new, we would love to work with you!




  • What is the time commitment?

Rehearsals will generally take place 1-2 days a week. Dates will be determined after auditions. Most rehearsals will take place at HCOA. Youth artists should be at all rehearsals, if possible, as this is integral to the process. Absences will be reviewed. If the creative team determine that too many absences have occurred the youth artist may be removed from the program.


  • Are there any mandatory rehearsals?

The week of March 24, leading up to performance on March 30. Any absences during this time will need to be reviewed.


  • Are parents welcome at rehearsals?

This is an interesting question. While I would like to say yes, it is important for our young artists to feel empowered and be given the freedom to create in their own space. Parental attendance is not encouraged, but parental engagement at home is strongly encouraged. (This can be reviewed on a case by case basis, if this is a concern).


  • Who is the creative team?

Jessica Williams, Stage Director and Mentorship Coordinator

Maura Jones, Choreography and Movement Director

Katelynn Hawkins-Wythe, Vocal Director

Hannah Heimbuch, Writer and Mentorship Coordinator