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Momentum Dance Collaboration: Broadway Jazz with Jessie Embley

Classes 10:00 am – 11:30 am, creative development 11:30 – 1:00

Members of Momentum Dance Collective, MDC, will teach classes in Homer to explore a variety of movement styles with the intention of expanding dance vocabulary and confidence. This project includes classes, creative development, and performance opportunities for dancers 14 and up. Dancers can participate in one or all aspects of the project. MDC’s core values are rooted in the collaborative approach. Through their work, they create opportunities for public ‘interventions’ of artistic expression; Tiny Dances will showcase the culmination of this project.


Creative development time will take place directly after class. Participants will work together exploring various phrases and structural development. Studies will have the opportunity to be presented at Tiny Dances informal performance on February 22, 23 alongside MDC pieces.

This jazz class will focus on proper dance technique including isolations,  performance quality, as well as musicality. Class will touch on many different styles of jazz including Broadway, lyrical,contemporary, and street styles. Class with include warm up, across the floor patterns, and a short combination.